FAQ- Answering Your Questions

Thank you to everyone who submitted their questions for my first blog post of 2017. I hope that this post will be helpful to as many people as possible.

1. How did you get into makeup?

I don't think that there has ever been time when I did not enjoy makeup. However, I did not wear a full face of makeup until my sophomore year of college and I did not wear full coverage foundation regularly until the end of my junior year.

I started doing makeup on others my sophomore year of college as well. Eye shadow was my specialty and slowly but surely I've practiced improving my skills.

2. What is your favorite brand of makeup?

Though I will wear makeup from just about any company, within reason, I must say that MAC Cosmetics and Anastasia Beverly Hills have become staples in my makeup collection. With MAC there is a certain dependability about the quality of their products. I know that what I am getting with them is of a professional grade. However, Anastasia has the best bang for your buck in my opinion. Their prices for high quality makeup is excellent especially for eye shadows. Both brands also have thorough enough shade ranges for a variety of skin tones which is difficult to find in the American market.

3. BB Creams for Women of Color

My mother and I both have been long time fans of BB Creams. However, it can be difficult to find BB Creams that suit deeper complexions. It is important to note that complexion products were not initially intended for wide use by people with deeper complexion. BB Creams were created first introduced by the Asian beauty community and is intended to improve the appearance of the skin over time while offering light coverage. When I worked at a makeup counter in the past, we were told that the common perception amongst cosmetics companies was that women of color already had relatively even complexions. Therefore to continue cutting costs, companies did not produce deeper shades.

In the past 3-4 years however, some companies have developed BB Creams for deeper complexions, though the ranges are still quite small. My favorite BB Creams so far have been

-The Black Radiance True Complexion BB Cream- Sold in CVS, Wal-Mart, and on Black Radiance.com- 5 shades offered all brown girl friendly but again not a huge range

- The Maybelline Dream Fresh BB- Sold in all major drug stores and wherever Maybelline is sold. Only offered in 5 shades with only the deepest 2 being brown girl friendly.

-Aqua Beauty Balm by Kiss New York- Sold in Beauty Supply Stores and on kissusa.com. Offered in 6 brown girl friendly shades

4. How do I start learning how to do eye shadow looks?

- Colors

I learned how to do eye shadow by first starting with browns and deep purples, colors that were easy to make work with my skin tone.

-Eye shape

From there I learned my eye shape. I don't have much lid space at all so I learned to do dramatic work on my crease instead. If you have larger eyes, you have a larger canvas to work with so learning to blend will be more beneficial to you, this helps to make sure that you have a clear focal point of the look.


Ultimately, making the effort to practice different techniques and learning your face are two key things to eventually mastering eye shadow. Watch YouTube videos but remember these looks, unless they are in real time probably took at least 30 minutes or more to film. Slow down and give yourself time.

5. How Can I Get/Keep my Skin on Fleek

- Read and find Resources - Be it a blog or a book read as much as possible about how the skin works and the different ways to improve your skin in a healthy manner. Additionally, if you have a more severe concern with the health of your skin, seek a dermatologist's opinion to avoid making the condition worse than it may have been.

- Find Products That Love You: Once you learn your skin type, find products that are known to promote healthy skin for that skin type. I would advise starting with the most simple products you can and building your product collection from there. Not every product on the market will be meant for you so focus on finding your top 3 products in terms of best quality, price point, and skin benefit.

http://www.warpaintedfaces.com/single-post/2016/10/24/Mission-Back-to-Basics--Beginner-Friendly-Products ( Go to the Tips and Tricks portion for resources to help learn your skin type)

- Create a Routine: Skin care is not something that you do once a month, especially if you wear makeup. Keep up with how often you use the products that you find. Most products need 2-3 weeks of use to yield the best results. If your skin is reacting poorly or not improving you may need to switch out products. I always go about this in phases that way if I break out from a product I will know which one is the culprit.


(my Skin Care Routine)

-Treat Your Skin: Masks were probably the last things I added to my routine but they do my skin a world of good. The market now is full of masks for whatever needs your skin may have so like you would for any other product use masks that you know will have the most benefit to the most pressing needs.

- Stop Using Cloth Towels: This is probably the one thing that has saved my skin the most. It took me a while to break the habit, but once I stopped using cloth towels my skin's appearance improved a lot. I recommend letting the skin air dry or using facial tissues.

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