Take a Look in the Mirror, Not out of the Window: Avoiding Unhealthy Comparisons

Before you read, comment below 2 things you do to keep yourself motivated. =)

My Dearest Chocolate Drops,

The beauty industry is one which relies upon a mindset of comparison. Though you can definitely wear makeup and not feel self conscious about the skin underneath, when a brand markets a product, it is to promote a certain image to the consumer that the consumer either does not have or wants to enhance. The industry of beauty influencers is no different. When you are building your brand you have to find a way to market yourself in a unique way that sets you apart from competitors while also making yourself attractive to at least a portion of their clients.

In the process of establishing what you want your brand to focus on and how you want to market it, it is easy to begin making unhealthy comparisons of yourself to other business owners and of your company to their company. How do their clients respond to their look? How do I make myself look more appealing? What do they have? The list can go on and on. So, how do we control these comparisons?

It is important in the beauty industry to constantly take a step back from the window, and look at your self in the mirror. Here are a few things that I have found helpful to remember on my journey as a budding MUA and Blogger.

1. Only you were given the vision for your business and brand. No one else on this earth knows just what the purpose of your business is nor do they know the potential that you hold. That fact by itself makes your brand unique.

2. You are more than this company. Though your entrepreneurial pursuits may be the result of hours and years of invested time and money, at the end of the day with or without this business there is a person who is capable of so many different things, this is just the one in which you've vested yourself. Take time to love the person behind the brand. Whether that mean taking a few days away from social media or finding time each day to look in the mirror and remind yourself of the vision behind what you do, take some time to invest in yourself.

3. Remember that Popularity is not the only way to be successful. This is something I have written down in a million different places and is engraved on my heart, metaphorically of course. In a world where likes and follows are one measure of how successful a brand is, at the end of the day, success on social media is not the only form of success. How many lives do you impact and inspire? How does your character measure up? In other words, is your success substantial? By substantial I do not necessarily mean that you can make money from it. I mean that your business has built something with a lasting impact that even without the money still makes an impact?

4. You are not racing the world, you are only racing yourself. In life we have lanes. Some people enjoy swerving in and out of lanes to cause destruction, some people are stagnant and stuck in a lane, and some of us have just begun our first lap. Determine where you are in the race against yourself. Now, rather than looking at all of the cars around you, determine how far you want to go, for yourself and what your motivation will be. Though seeing others around you succeed can be temporarily motivating, if you are constantly peering in other drivers lanes, you are going to end up causing an accident. Focus on your journey and your end destination for the best quality ride.

I hope that you have found this helpful. I am going to link a few of my favorite motivational/ self care sites below. Thank you for continuing on this journey with me chocolate drops <3

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