Gotta Glow Part 2 (Top MAC Highlighters)

Hello and Welcome Back to Operation Chocolate Drop!!

Thank you for joining us for another installment in the Gotta Glow Highlight Series. I was going to have this just be a three part series. But lets be honest, there are far too many life giving highlighters for us to stop at a three part series. High end, low end, one brand. So I have decided to make this a monthly thing. Each month I'll bring you my favorite highlighters of the moment to keep the products as relevant and readily available as possible. Sound good?

Today we are going to go through my top 4 MAC Highlighters.

Now, allow me to first say that though I love the MAC permanent shades, I feel as though the best MAC highlighters that I've come to own are \limited edition. That being said, if you see a highlight shade that suits your skin tone in one of their limited edition collection, jump on it.

My first favorite MAC Highlighter, and the first MAC face product, other than foundation, that I purchased for myself is this limited edition shade Uplifting. This highlighter is an iridescent peach shade with light orange veining throughout. Though I do not use this product alone, when paired with an orange blush such as the one below, it gives a beautiful orange frost to the skin. I don't necessarily recommend shades like this for any one whose foundation runs MAC NC50 and deeper or on the more red side as the iridescence can come across ashy. However for NW45 and lighter, a frosty shade like this is beautiful especially for photos where you want a dramatic highlight.

The second favorite highlighter from MAC is MAC Global Glow. I remember watching UloveMegz on Youtube years ago and she mentioned this product. Do you know how gorgeous and on point someone's highlight must be for you to remember it after 5 plus years????Pictured next to this beautiful chocolate drop is Global Glow. Global Glow is a natural yet powerful glow. If you want a glow from within, but I bought it glow this is the one for you. Global Glow is a champagne highlighter with bronze veining throughout. I enjoy this product for my minimal makeup days on my bare skin and on days where I want to look as though I'm naturally beaming at my 9-5. Global Glow is a must have. The one pictured above is a mini from a holiday set however, it is offered in the full size pan with their permanent collection.

Our third highlighter is a cult favorite and the universally Brown Girl friendly glow. MAC Gold Deposit is a favorite of mine as well as my clients. Unfortunately, my personal Gold Deposit had to be sacrificed for a project of mine, none the less it is definitely worthy of mention. This powder was used as the base in conjunction with a few other loose pigments to create the gold you see on my model's lips eyes and body. It is a beautiful summer golden glow with orange bronze veining throughout. I've yet to find a brown girl that this color did not suit. And for those who may be to fair to use this as a highlighter, it also functions as a gorgeous bronzer. Gold Deposit is also a permanent MAC color.

The final MAC Highlight that I adore is a limited edition shade from the Taraji P. Henson Collection. I swear that this color was constructed with me in mind. Highlight the Truth is a gorgeous pink champagne/ rose gold color with some pink bronze veining throughout. This color is stunning if you are a brown girl with coral undertones. I love to use it wet to build up pigmentation and with brick red blushes for a warm look. I have yet to have a bad makeup day when I where this highlighter. It is gorgeous on its own or layered underneath a golden highlighter. If you are able to get your hands on this.......hunni.

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