The Importance of Journaling as an Entrepreneur

First off, let me start this post by saying that I am ecstatic to be blogging again. Between finishing my masters program, working, and dealing with all of the ups and downs of life, I was not in the most creative head space and had not been in the mood to blog quality content. But I am back today to talk about my rediscovery of my love of intentional journal exploration in entrepreneurship. Perhaps this will be post #1 of a series.

(photo not by me... a beautiful photo from Pinterest)


Between February and June of this year, has been something of a hot mess for me. My business appeared to be at a stand still, I had graduated but had not been doing much, that I could see, with my degree, and I had all of the ambition in the world but appeared to be going NOWHERE. Being a woman of faith, my first instinct should have been to pray about what to do...but being an imperfect wasn't. I was asking mentors about what I was doing wrong, sulking because I wasn't where I thought I wanted to be, and being incredibly hard on myself.

I was at work one day, around May when everything was reaching a pinnacle. Graduation was around the corner, figuring out what to do job wise, and business wise etc. etc. I was exploring different motivational Pod Casts to listen to. Many of the podcasts I found were intriguing and spoke about entrepreneurship or professional development... but still I did not find anything that was really of substance for what I needed.


And then it happened, I found the Blessed and Bossed Up Podcast by Tatum Harrison. The difference between her podcast and the others that I'd found was major. The Blessed and Bossed Up Pod Cast is a weekly pod cast which speaks about how to surrender your business to God and allow Him to direct you and expand your brand. The first episode I listened to mentioned EVERYTHING that I'd been going through. The feeling of not being where I wanted to be, the feeling of having unfulfilled ambitions, knowing what God had promised me and knowing that it had not come to fruition yet. She spoke on it all. I immediately felt better hearing someone else saying that they were facing something similar.

After listening to the first few episodes, I discovered her prayer journal, which brings me to today's post. I've been journaling since I was a small child, as young as 5. Journaling helps me to physically separate the negative thoughts from the positive thoughts. I've recently discovered that when we allow our thoughts to remain in our head, it is easy for negative thoughts and toxic comparisons to latch onto our hopes, dreams, and ambitions- manifesting in self doubt, and not acknowledging the blessings right in front of us.

Write the Vision, Make it Plain

In June, I committed to journaling for at least 20 minutes each day. In the prayer journal there is a section to surrender your business to God. I took this section very seriously. I did not want to just put pen to paper, I really wanted to pray and meditate on ALL that I envisioned for myself business wise. Then there are sections each morning and evening for you to write what you struggle with, what you are grateful for, and how you succeeded that day. Having this structure of journaling is extremely helpful. It forces me to think every day about something that I am grateful for, and to identify the things that I struggle with (business wise and personally).

The more I began journaling and praying, the bigger my aspirations became. I also began to identify blessings in my present circumstance that I'd either forgotten or had never thought about before. Writing down my goals and visions has also helped me to be more intentional about pursuing those goals and not just leaving these dreams written on a page. After a month of entries, I've noticed that I am much happier and slower to give in to the toxic comparisons that are so easy to give into with social media and being a young entrepreneur. I've also been able to carve out where I see myself and realize that where I thought I wanted to be back in May, is no longer where I really want to be.

In just 30 days, my outlook has been completely transformed, and I couldn't keep my joy to myself. I challenge each of you to start INTENTIONALLY journaling. Carve out time each day to write down what you are thankful for, what your short comings were, your dreams, and your ambitions. I guarantee you will discover things about yourself... and your business that you never knew. I also encourage you to pray and meditate each morning. I will go into more detail on this point later but it is crucial for your spirit to be in line and renewed before you give your energy to the world.

Sending you all nothing but positive vibes. Dream Big and work Hard. God has already equipped you with everything that you need.

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